Issue 001 - Welcome To The Boomers Offshore Newsletter

Mea Culpa mis amigos... While I thought I solved all my email problems with the last mailing, it turned out that I broke more than I fixed.  Such is the life of a retired I/T guy.  So, again, excuse the excessive emails. 

And for those of you who are receiving this email for the FIRST TIME... please ignore everything you just read.  Despite what others may mutter... I AM NOT AN IDIOT!


 Things are really beginning to cool down a bit here.  Instead of waking up to 95 degree temps at 6 am, we are now enjoying low to mid 80's during the day.  In fact this morning, my patio thermometer registered 79.8 degrees!  I guess I better break out the woolies - eh!

The rainy season is finally upon us.  As if overnight, our surroundings transformed from 1000 shades of brown to 1000 shades of green.  Everything is alive and the insects have emerged from hibernation.  Giant, flying ants seem to be the bug du jour.  They are everywhere.  And soon we'll be facing the onslaught of flying beetles, a.k.a June Bugs.  But hey, that's what living in the tropics is all about.

In case you haven't noticed, I am trying out some new email software that (hopefully) will be easier for you to read and will allow me to maintain better control and security of our growing subscription list.  Any comments you have regarding email, our website or video topics will be greatly appreciated.

Speaking of website, I finally gave in to growing pressure and got rid of that stupid CLICK HERE button that you needed to press just to get into the site.  Thanks to all of you who made that recommendation.


CR SunsetOne last very cool thing...

Fran and I have been invited to speak at an upcoming conference sponsored by the folks at International Living Magazine.  It seems that they are interested in hearing the story of why and how two unemployed yuppies chucked it all for a life in Costa Rica. 

That's about it for now. 

Muchas gracias y tenga buen dia - Thank you and have a nice day!

Andy and Fran

Fran and Andy Bowne



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