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Technology continues to evolve at a rate faster than our simple brains can comprehend.  This allows us to  communicate with our friends and family at almost no cost.

We are using two VOIP solutions, SKYPE and MagicJack.

SKYPE is a free (software only) solution that allows audio and video conversations between two computers, anywhere in the world.  We enhanced SKYPE to allow us to call land lines or cell phones anywhere in the US or Canada.  This feature costs us only $30 for a year.  In addition, we call friends in Europe for less than $.02 per minute.  The only major drawback is that we are tied to our PC in order to communicate.  There are hardware workarounds but they can be expensive.

MAGICJACK is a hardware solution that allows regular telephones to make free calls over the internet.  New users pay $39.00 and receive the actual MagicJack and a 1 year subscription to the MJ service. 

Users select their own phone number.  In our case we selected a number with a Charlotte NC area code.  All our calls to the US are FREE as well as any calls to our MJ phone number.


VONAGE is another popular solution, however the cost to run a Vonage solution is much more expensive.  VOIP phone solutions work great whether you live in the US or overseas.  But remember, nothing is fool proof.  If you loose your internet, you loose your phone.

Regardless of solution you choose, a fast, reliable, high-speed internet connection is required.  Dial up is not recommended.


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