NEWSLETTER - Issue: 003

Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste, Costa Rica


This newsletter is a monthly publication from your friends at Boomers Offshore.  It's just our way of trying to stay in touch and to encourage on-going communications between family, friends or anybody interested in our lives in Costa Rica.

Frandy at Beach

Welcome To Boomers Offshore...

With the rainy season now upon us, the only thing that I find really noticeable is that we are loosing our tans and our waistline is growing.  This is not good!  We need to reverse this downward trend and get our asses in back in gear.  We need to get outside, even if it is raining.

For some reason, I felt quite verbose this month.  Check out my not so politically correct rant against the television show, House Hunters International, updates on recent visitors, a review of Costa Rican GPS maps for Garmin systems, establishing a mule network, Andy's Recipe of the Month, and of course the ever popular list of new Boomers Offshore videos.

an occasional rant...


House Hunters International... YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!

It's bad enough many Costa Ricans think that all gringos are rich, aggressive, loud and just plain snooty.  While there may be some truth to that assessment, television shows like House Hunter's International helps reinforce this exaggerated and over-played stereotype.


visitors this month...


June turned out to be a rather busy month for us, visitor-wise.  Aside from doing our first Boomers Offshore Due Diligence Tour, friends and family made their way down for a visit.  First to arrive were Sergio and Trish from Charlotte NC.  We had a blast ziplining, horseback riding, hanging out at the beach and consuming way to much beer and wine. 

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EXPAT TIP: Avoid the high cost of import taxes and shipping by having visitors "mule in" important and desirable items.


Late on the afternoon of Monday, June 14, while hanging out on the beach drinking wine and catching an awesome sunset, a gringo couple walked up to us with what sounded like a very bazaar introduction...

"Holy Shit... it's Andy and Fran!  Man... we've seen all you're videos!" 

We invited them to join us and shoot the breeze.  As it turned out, John Mcgerigle and Kathi Hunter, from Albuquerque NM, were here on vacation and were staying just down the beach at Villas Sol, a local all-inclusive.  We talked for a few hours and then agreed to meet for dinner the next night at one of our favorite local eateries Bahia Culebra

I have to admit, it's kinda freaky having complete strangers recognize you on a remote Costa Rican beach.  At least they're not stalkers!


Just hours after taking Sergio and Trish to the airport, we were picking up Mike and his girlfriend Jen.  This was Mike's third visit to Costa Rica and Jen's first.  During their short visit with us we did manage to squeeze in some quality beach time, fishing, snorkeling and of course the obligatory zipline adventure.

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new movies - nuevas peliculas...

Video Graphic

Over the last year as we we continue to explore our new surroundings, we rarely go anywhere without lugging along lots of camera and sound equipment.  This has lead to a plethora of "raw" video content which is in desperate need of post-production editing.

This month we bring you our first installment of our video backlog.  Even thought we have moved to the warm and sunny environs of Costa Rica's northern beaches, most of our video catalog was shot while we were still living in the Central Valley.

Click on picture to view video.

Chapter 61 - The Rainy Season
Explore some of the beauty and splendor that makes Costa Rica a lush, tropical paradise. 

Chapter 62 - Arenal Volcano & Termales Del Bosque

This is our first road trip in Costa Rica, the Arenal Volcano and Termales Del Bosque, a hot springs retreat located near the town of San Carlos (aka Ciudad Quesada).

Chapter 63 - Dominical, A Surfer's Paradise

Located about 1 hour south of Quepos, Dominical is a small, dusty surfer town whose amenities are spartan unless you have the $$$ to live up in the hills.  So what else is new!

Chapter 64 - Tamarindo, Another Surfing Paradise
If you like to surf all day, party all night and then crash on 600 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, visit Tamarindo.

frandy's handy tips...

Nuvi 660 GPS

GPS Systems & Maps...

Chances are, if you own a GPS or if you are planning on buying one, Garmin will be your brand of choice.  So, when we decided to move to Costa Rica, I began researching electronic map providers for my Garmin Nüvi 670.  I found two providers, EZFind by NavSat and SmartWays, a product licensed by Garmin. 


Developing Your Mule Network...

The term "mule" is generally given to a person who (knowingly or unknowingly) transports contraband across international borders.  I too use that term to describe friends and family that bring items of necessity while visiting us here in Costa Rica.


andy's recipe of the month...

Although I am a lousy housekeeper, I am turning into a pretty good cook.  Once we moved to Costa Rica, Fran and I divided up our domestic responsibilities where I did all the cooking and she cleaned up after me.

With all the fresh fruits and veggies available to me here along with incredible fish, chicken and pork (the beef sucks), I have seized on this opportunity to experiment with cooking.  Some of my recipes fail so bad, Upe and Ashka won't even eat them, but occasionally I hit on a winner.

From time to time, I will be sharing with you some recipes that I think are pretty good.  food This month, I bring to you, not a food, but a new twist on an alcoholic beverage. 

The Boomers Offshore Cocktail...

With incredible oranges available all year around, this new drink, while similar to a traditional Tequila Sunrise goes one step further by adding the "citrusy" sweetness of Tripe Sec.  If you have the big bucks, use Gran Marnier in lieu of the Triple Sec.  But either way, you will not want to be operating heavy machinery after two of these baby's!

Here is the recipe


Thanks for watching our videos.  Please stay in touch.


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