Road Trip Back To The Central Valley...


It's been six months since we left the comforts of our first Costa Rican home for our new digs here at the beach.  We decided it was time for a road trip to go back and see some friends and while doing so run a few important errands.

On Sunday morning, July 25, we packed an overnight bag, a few edible treats and two very eager dogs who love to travel and set out on the 3 hour trip south on the Pan American Highway to San Ramón.


Our first stop along the way was to visit with old friends and neighbors Jerry and Nancy Freeman, two expats who prove every day that a couple can live well in Costa Rica for under $1000 a month.  Jerry and Nancy epitomize the minimalist attitude.  While not having a need for a TV, they are still able to connect on the internet by way of Costa Rica's growing 3G Cellular Network.  They are incredible examples of doing more with less... a lesson that perhaps we can all learn from.

After a visit with the Freeman's, we visited with friends a whole bunch of friends at the cabina's just outside San Ramon.  There we hooked up with year plus veterans Paul and Gloria Yeatman, newcomers Sally and Lenny Timm.  We met Sally and Len last year, when they were taking a retirement tour.  They have since sold off all their stuff and moved to San Ramón and have even visited us at the beach. Also at the cabinas were new friends, here on an exploratory visit, Randi and Dean Killian.
Next on our hit list were Skip and Donna Anderton.  They used to live at the cabinas but quickly opted for a larger place because their 40' container, with all their worldly possessions was arriving and they needed a place to store their stuff.  Today Skip and Donna have purchased a beautiful parcel of land with quite a nice view and are in the early stages of building their Costa Rican dream house.  Stay tuned... I smell a video coming.

On Sunday night we went to the home of friends Tom and Susan Ackley where we hooked up with even more old friends.  It was great swapping stories.  Fran and I were also bombarded with questions about our new life at the beach.   I have to admit it was tough answering some of those questions without sporting a "Cheshire Cat" type of grin.

The next morning we awoke to a Skip Anderton breakfast of Banana Pancakes and grilled ham.  That was a great way to start out the day.  After visiting their new home site, it was time to get down to business with a trip to our San Ramón lawyer's office to pick up the books of our new corporation, "FrandyB S.A.".  We then headed to Escazu to Pricesmart (identical to Costco and Sam's Club) to stock up on bulk items.

After dropping a ton of money on food stuffs, we began the long journey home to Playa Hermosa.  Total drive time: 3 hours and 15 minute, thanks to the new and infamous Caldera Highway.


Thanks for watching our videos.  Please stay in touch.


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