NEWSLETTER - Issue 004

Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste, Costa Rica


This newsletter is a monthly publication from your friends at Boomers Offshore.  It's just our way of trying to stay in touch and to encourage on-going communications between family, friends or anybody interested in our lives in Costa Rica.

Frandy at Beach

Welcome To Boomers Offshore...


andy's monthly rant...

 PinkFloyd Scream

Food Ain't Cheap In Costa Rica...

When people move to Costa Rica, they hear stories of how much money they will be saving.  Well that's not all together true.  There are something's you buy here that are insanely expensive and will blow anybody's budget except for (maybe) Bill Gates.

For starters, gasoline is at least twice what you pay in the States but a hell of a lot less than what the Brits pay back in the UK.  It's all relative.  Anything manufactured outside of Costa Rica costs more here because of Costa Rica's excessively high tariffs on all imported goods. However, this month we focus on the cost of food.

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this month's guests...


Future expats, Harley and Sherry from Houston TX came a knocking in July.  The main purpose of their trip to CR was to check on a parcel of land they purchased a few months ago on which they planned to build their Costa Rican dream house.  So while here they decided to drop in for a few days and say hi.  A fun time was had by one and all as we dodged seasonal raindrops.  We even managed to grab a perfect sunset, a rarity for this time of the year.


Although Joyce and Bruce live full time in Omaha Nebraska, they saw fit to buy a beautiful home in Atenas, Alejuela, Costa Rica.  We visited them last year just after we moved here.  This month it was their turn to come visit us at the beach.  We had fairly good luck with the weather, one nice day and one a complete washout but hey... that's Costa Rica in the rainy season... you place your bet, you takes your chances!

new videos...

Video Graphic

Sorry but no new videos this month.  However, we are working on our next production entitled "Mythbusters."  We have been culling through our video library looking for clips containing declarative statements we made about Costa Rica. Some were accurate and some weren't.  We will bring you the results as Fran and I go on camera to report on the accuracy of the statements.


Morning time at la Playa...

Our dogs absolutely love going to the beach.  Each morning we hit the surf and walk a few miles.  While doing so, "our girls", Úpe and Ashka run their collective asses off chasing a tennis balls and anything else we can manage to throw. 

In the end, everybody gets their daily exercise.  I return home to the computer and the girls take a nap!

Road trip back to San Ramon...

It's been six months since we left the comforts of our first Costa Rican home for our new digs here at the beach.  We decided it was time for a road trip to go back and see some friends and while doing so run a few important errands.

On Sunday morning, July 25, we packed an overnight bag, a few edible treats and two very eager dogs who love to travel and set out on the 3 hour trip south on the Pan American Highway to San Ramón.

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frandy's handy tips...

It sucks and saves you money too...

Perhaps one of the best things we did in preparation for our move to Costa Rica was to purchase a Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer.  This unique  kitchen appliance allows us to buy foods in bulk and then vacuum store it in our freezer for later defrosting and reuse.  PLUS... it has saved us a ton of money!

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Agua de Pipa... Coconut Water.  Good for what ails ya...

Many persons have gone to the Caribbean, the Pacific Islands, Florida, Hawaii, South America or Southern Asia and have tasted some very refreshing coconut water. The palm trees you have become accustomed to while on vacation are very potent sources of coconut water that has many health benefits and uses that you probably did not know about. Coconut water is the purest liquid second only to water itself. It is chock full of electrolytes, calcium, potassium, magnesium; everything that is good for you.

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andy's recipe of the month...

Margarita Salsa...

As the end of summer approaches, what better way to enjoy outdoor life than with plenty of food and drink.  Last month I published an original recipe for my new drink, The Boomers Offshore.  This month I want to share with you my home grown recipe for Tomato Salsa.  Actually it's more like a Pico de Gallo.

All these ingredients can be found both in Costa Rica (obviously) and abroad.

Salsa and chips is an all time favorite food for parties.  Here is my spin an this classic, south of the border, treat.


what's on tap for next month...

VISITORS:  Guest visits may be slow in August.  We just learned that a major bridge connecting the provinces of Puntarenas washed out early this morning due to heavy rains.  The Costa Rican department of roads has only known about the problem for over a year.  It hasn't not yet been fixed because nobody has yet died.  But now since the fisherman in Puntarenas can't deliver their fish to Liberia until the bridge is fixed, I suppose an all out effort will be made to repair the bridge.  But as we have come to learn, nothing is ever really repaired in Costa Rica!  It's just been rendered temporarily operational until the next disaster!

INTERNATIONAL LIVING CONFERENCE: We'll be making a full report on the International Living Conference for which we have been invited to speak.  They are expecting about 200 attendees.  It should be a blast.

COSTA RICAN RESIDENCY:  It's been about 18 months since we turned in all our paperwork to become residents of Costa Rica.  We have been advised by our attorney that we have been approved.  Now it's just a matter of getting an appointment with Magracion, Costa Rica's immigration department.  That means another road trip to San Jose.  We're hoping to do it while we are there for the Conference.


Thanks for watching our videos.  Please stay in touch.


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