NEWSLETTER - Issue 007

Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste, Costa Rica


This newsletter is a monthly publication from your friends at Boomers Offshore.  It's just our way of trying to stay in touch and to encourage on-going communications between family, friends or anybody interested in our lives in Costa Rica.

Welcome Back My Friends To The Newsletter That Never Ends...

Fran and I hope you enjoy reading about our life in Costa Rica and are learning a little about what TO DO as well as what NOT TO DO should you ever consider living outside the safety and familiarity of the United States.

We do not profess to be experts in living abroad but we promise to bring you an unvarnished, no bullshit picture of what life is like here in Costa Rica.

As always, we welcome commentary and constructive ideas.  If you disagree with us, we want to hear it.  Who knows, maybe I'll start a new "Editorial" section.  If you have anything you wish to comment on, please feel free to do it here.

this month's news...

Rains Shut Down Costa Rica's Roads...

Our Rainy season is very predictable.  From the May/June timeframe through Oct/Nov, Costa Rica generally experiences daily rain events that experienced residents take in stride.  We know to get our "outside" errands done before 1 o'clock because that's Usually when the rains move in.  Having lived nearly the first half of our lives in South Florida, this was nothing new to me or Fran.

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The High Cost To Live In Costa Rica: Fact or Fantasy?

For the years leading up to our retirement, pretty much all our research touted Costa Rica as being this unbelievable paradise where one could live like royalty for next to nothing.  And on first blush, a cursory investigation will bear that out. 

But truth be told, once you plant your ass in country and begin your new life here, you come face to face with reality... it may not be so cheap to live in Costa Rica!

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Car Ownership in Costa Rica: Things to consider...

For us, having the ability to travel Costa Rica, whenever and wherever we want is extremely important.  To accomplish this we need a car.   So our big decision became... (1) Do we buy a car in Costa Rica or (2) Do we ship one in from the US. 

This can be a tough call.  While I'm not saying our decision was the right one, it was the decision that best suited our conditions.  Your situation may yield a different answer.

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In Search Of The Perfect Pizza Pie...

Since moving here to Playa Hermosa over six months ago, we have been seeking a place that serves "decent" pizza.  The few places we've been served up creations that "look" like pizza but certainly did not taste like pizza.  To say that they were lackluster would be a gross understatement.  In fact, the old shitty English Muffin and Ketchup pizzas we ate back in elementary school were just as satisfying as these Tico representations.  In addition, the "tomatoey" things they call pizzas here are horrendously expensive. Would you believe $20 for a 16" pie!!!  So Fran and I decided that if we can't go out and buy a decent pizza, we would attempt to make one.

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new videos...

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Chapter 67: The Minimalist Lifestyle - PLAY VIDEO

As North Americans, we like our stuff.  We travel with it.  We buy bigger houses just to hold all our stuff.  And when we retire to Costa Rica, we bring all our stuff with us.  This video introduces Jerry and Nancy Freeman who are confirmed minimalists

Chapter 68: Landslides Create Gridlock in Costa Rica - PLAY VIDEO

For weeks the rains have been pounding Costa Rica's saturated soil.  And now we pay the price.  With nearly all major roads either greatly restricting traffic or completely shutdown, Costa Rica declared that we are under a State Of Emergency.

andy's recipe of the month...

Here is another non-award winning recipe from the Costa Rican kitchen of Andy Browne

Awesome Italian Sauce - completely fresh...

·        With everything you need to make drop dead killer spaghetti sauce available here, still people would rather go to the supermarket and buy a can of Ragú or some other chemically laced crap.  Think about it... in less than one hour, you could be eating incredible, mouth watering pasta coated in the freshest sauce you can imagine.

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what's on tap for next month...

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