When Is SPAM not SPAM?




SPAM (aka unwanted email solicitations), the electronic equivalent of yesterday's "junk mail", is a cancer that has taken over the internet as well as your Inbox.  In an attempt to fight this disease, new tools and techniques emerge almost on a daily basis to combat this problem, none of which are 100% effective.

Each month or so when I publish the Boomers Offshore newsletter, I send out an email announcement to only those individuals who have asked to be notified.  In an attempt combat SPAM, many ISPs (Internet Service Providers) have taken drastic (some say Draconian) measures to reduce or eliminate unsolicited email.  Unfortunately, it also stops legitimate email from being sent.  This is my problem.

Boomers Offshore currently has 828 subscribers, all of which who have asked to be included on the email update list.  Each time a notice is sent out, about 25% are returned because one or more ISPs (the people that provide your local internet service) have incorrectly identified the Boomers Offshore newsletter announcement as SPAM.  Therefore they arbitrarily decided to not deliver my notice.  This is no different than having your postman sort through your mail and decide what is "junkl" and what is not!

The largest number of rejected email messages come from AOL.com and COMCAST.com There are a couple of things you can do to help insure you receive my email messages. 


    • The solution that has resulted in the most success is the establishment of a secondary, new email address.

    • This is good on many levels because a new email address can also be distributed to only those people with whom you connect with on a regular basis.

    • Never use this email address when purchasing anything online else you'll initiate the entire SPAM debacle once again. 

    • I recommend Google's GMAIL.  It's free and they do a great job eliminating SPAM while letting valid email through.

    • If you decide to use a secondary email address, please send that address to me immediately so that I can update my email list.


    • Add my email address "andy@boomersoffshore.com" to your list of allowable senders.

    • This does not work if your ISP stops the mail before it even arrives.  That is why the first solution is the best.

If all of this fails and you no longer receive emails from me, all I can say is please check back frequently to the Boomers Offshore website.  You never know what I'm going to say, who I'm going to piss off or when an update will be published.  Keep 'em guessing is my motto.





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