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Our sole objective in producing the Boomers Offshore website and related videos is to offer people (contemplating Costa Rican retirement) insight into our life experiences as we continue to discover the highs and lows of our new offshore retirement lifestyle.  Should we make mistakes and screw something up, we hope others will learn from our mistakes. 

  1. It is NOT the goal of Boomers Offshore to be a political platform for lost causes. 

  2. It is NOT our intention to change the way Ticos do business. 

  3. It is NOT our intention to bitch and moan about how Costa Rican need to change in order to satisfy our gringo needs. 

  4. It is my intention to change my life, learn a new language and fit into a new lifestyle.

In my last newsletter, I wrote some rather incendiary, and some might even say derogatory (I say thought provoking), comments about the perceived dictatorial policies of some internet discussion forum moderators.  Following that issue, several readers wrote to voice their opinion.  I want to share those opinions and thoughts with you.  The comments were mixed, however the majority of those comments I received supported my rant.

In addition, it was brought to my attention that several ARCR Forum readers inquired about the incident and wanted to voice their support.  That thread lasted 4 1/2 hours before the ARCR Forum Moderator terminated the thread.  If you are interested in reading those comments, here is a link to that thread.  If by chance you too have been banished from the ARCR Forum, I have replicated the thread (intact) below for you to read.



From Richard Leatherman, Richmond VA:

Andy, I read your latest "Bloomers Offshore" with great interest. I was very surprised to read the section on "Dealing with Abusive Forum Moderators" and discover that the ARCR forum moderator had banned you from the ARCR site. Why on God's name would he do this? It makes no sense at all. The links to your online, no-charge videos are invaluable to those individuals who are considering moving to CR. To prohibit you from suggesting that readers take a look at them in response to their questions is so very strange. I am puzzled, confused, and so sorry this has happened. You are a great resource for information and one of the "good guys."

It appears to me that the intent of the "rules" language was to prohibit members from advertising their products and services for financial gain. That's okay with me. But, we need to change the language to reflect what should be the true intent, i.e., not punish those who provide links to helpful, free information.

How can we fix this?

Dean & Randi Killian, San Ramon CR:


Andy, We enjoyed your rant on forums. We have judiciously avoided them, but loved to read between the lines. Even writing this, I have a huge smile.  Looking forward to your stateside reports. 

Hara and JT Maderich, Portegolpe, Guanacaste:


Andy... I am sooo surprised at you. I read your newsletter every month and the information and videos we've received from you and Fran has been enlightening, fun and somehow made the impending move less scary. So that said, I think you were way out of line. You could have posted something as simple as "While this question requires much more space or bandwidth to answer fully and provide the necessary information to make a truly informed decision, I would suggest asking yourself a few questions like....". Then maybe state that the topic has been covered in much better detail and they could email you offline to find out more. Use Andy and Fran, Authors of Boomers Offshore Newsletter as your signature when you email. No one can object to an electronic signature.

There is no reason to call anyone a pinhead, use profanity or decide that they have abused their "powers". Maybe a little more Tico and a little less In Your Face is needed by all of us to get by in CR. I have been delayed building our home for a year now due to paperwork issues between the developer and AyA, sure I could call my abogado a lazy, pinheaded idiot that didn't do his job until it was too late but all that gets you in CR is silence and humiliation. Many of the folks on these boards have been in country much longer than we and have absorbed the culture. Your rant was either a sign of guilt, frustration or impending Alzheimer's (no, I'm not joking). Chill out, OK?

We'll still read every word you send us.  Puravida!

Clint Neilson (via Facebook), San Diego, CA:

Hey Andy - great news letter yet again... so glad you called out those "BS" Costa Rica website moderators... when I first started research on CR I also found those sites and it was more than clear that they were thinly veiled commercials... but I also found your site and yours is clearly fact based, you give the good, bad, and ugly... thanks!!  Keep up the good work and when anyone talks about CR, the first thing I do is send them your link... then they can do their our research.

Peter Regan, Upstate New York:

 I enjoy your newsletter very much, particularly this issue. Sucks that the forums are being so petty and totalitarian! Isn't the point to get information out?  Seriously, the one thing that separates your (and Fran's) musings is the no holds barred approach and the sincerity that comes through. A case in point is Fran's current piece in the newsletter- very well done and gets to the heart of the matter. Please thank her for me for her honesty and for writing the piece.

My wife and I are looking at spending more time each winter down south (we are frequent visitors to both CR and panama) and your newsletter is very helpful.  Muchas gracias.  Please keep up the good work! I hope the rainy season is not too bad. Good weather is on the way. Believe me, it's getting colder up here and that's no fun!  Pura Vida!

Denise Block, Alberta Canada

Hi Andy & Fran... In regards to your comment about Forums I do agree with you mostly.  However, I agree with you, it did seem like a rant.  You can always take the high road in a roundabout way, and still get your point across.  I only say this because I feel like I have a relationship with you, although you donít know me from Eve.  I donít want your very strong opinion and flowery language to taint those that start to read your posts and get the wrong opinion.  Relax, take a load off.  People can read between the lines, mostly I hope.

Tom Butynski, Palmares Costa Rica

Good morning Andy... You hit the proverbial nail right on the head, and I couldn't have said it better! I do not post on these forums very often for the same reasons. This guy <name withheld but referring to the CRL & ARCR Moderator> is a flaming butt hole and <name withheld but is referring to the WeLoveCR moderator> is nothing more than a self serving salesman. Its too bad, because I believe I could help many of the misguided save money. 






































Marlin - October 19 - 5:42am

Please reconsider your decision to ban Andy Browne's posts on this forum. If the idea is to get information out, then why ban his posts which I find helpful? He is not selling anything. What is the reason for this decision?

Tibas9 - October 19 - 5:42am

Please reconsider your decision to ban Andy Browne's posts on this forum. If the idea is to get information out, then why ban his posts which I find helpful? He is not selling anything. What is the reason for this decision?

Eleanorcr - October 19 - 6:43am

In my opinion your subject heading is in the wrong thread and should be moved to the Open Forum category.

Costaricafinca - October 19 - 7:00am

To read what Andy is writing about or see his videos why don't you go to his site?

Marlin - October 19 - 7:37am

His recent newsletter says he has been banned. Sometimes his videos help answer questions posted on this forum. Why not provide the link so that members can get information from a variety of sources? As I said, he is not selling anything -just offering his take on Costa Rica. If he has not been banned, I apologize but Andy seems to think he has been or that his posts has been removed.

DanaJ - October 19 - 8:34am

I just read Andy's blog post, and it appears that he has been banned. I have never read or seen anything he has posted that I find offensive or in violation of the Forum rules, so it is a puzzle.  I do hope that this is explained or reconsidered, as he has provided myself and others very valuable information regarding moving here.

Costaricafinca - October 19 - 8:38am

I, too, just read his 'rant' as he called it. It certainly doesn't help him be re-instated.

Tibas9 - October 19 - 8:39am


Marlin - October 19 - 9:18am

He maintains a website which has some great info and videos related to moving and living in Costa Rica. It's a great compliment to this site.

Ug919 - October 19 - 9:42am

Bring him back!

Kees & Ellen - October 19 - 10:02am

I too have just read Andy's rant and cannot understand why he has been banned.
To know Andy is to love him! 

I fell upon his website last year when we were planning our move.  Because he was about 6 months ahead of us we found his information invaluable and have strongly recommended this site both on these forums and privately.  Please, what is wrong with INFORMATION.

I also read the Real Cost from beginning to end. This website while very informative, was not (at the time) altogether up to date and made for dry reading while Andy & Fran made it fun and because of this they became our friends. Albeit a one sided friendship. We knew what they looked like but, they didn't know what we looked like. (until we arrived in CR)

For whatever reason, you banned Andy when (if you continued to read it) we were subjected to an ongoing tirade on the US Military for weeks. Yes, it was finally stopped but, at what price? I was am embarrassed for my US friends who saw their hard working, longsuffering US combat forces subjected to this. Who does this honour? It makes me sad.  Andy's website is informative and fun.

Many other forum member advertise on their replies, even Real Estate sales people. (tell us that isn't for business).

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell my experience with the Arcr Forum and


Epicatt2 - October 19 - 10:17am

Forums Members,

While we can understand your concerns about this, we do not comment on such issues since, quite frankly, any action taken by a moderator is private and not for public discussion.  Therefore, this topic is now closed.

Paul M. - Forums Moderator




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