If You Don't Like The Weather, MOVE...


Historically, October is the rainiest and (meteorologically speaking) nastiest month of the year throughout all of Costa Rica.  This year was no exception.  For while we were out of the country visiting friends and family in the States, Tropical Storm Tomas stalled over Costa Rica dumping even more unneeded water onto an already rain soaked country.

The rain was so intense, Costa Rica endured deadly landslides along with bridge and highway collapses, bringing this country (once again) to a complete standstill.

Now as we approach the tail end of November, we can already see the slow but steady onset of the "dry season."  Since we've been back in country, we have had nothing but blue skies, low humidity and just an occasional light shower!

The Guanacaste Weather Pattern...

We live in the province of Guanacaste.  It is located in the upper northwest quadrant of the country, just south of the peaceful and tranquil country of Nicaragua (tongue planted firmly in cheek)

Unlike our friends and neighbors who live south and to the east (Central Valley), we were spared the majority of the crippling rains brought about by TS Tomas. 

As I am told by many of the locals who live here, while Guanacaste is not immune to torrential rains, we just experience much less of it and therefore it's resultant aftermath.

In addition, when compared to other beach locales, the Guanacaste province is considerably much less humid, especially when compared to our neighbors in the Central Pacific (Jacó, Quepos) or further down south in the Osa (Dominical, Golfito etc.)

It's The Altitude Man...

Personal comfort in Costa Rica will be determined mainly on how high you are!  I'm not talking about pharmaceuticals, I'm referring to altitude. 

The closer you are to sea level, the warmer it is going to be.  So obviously, living at the beach will be hotter than if you lived in the hills overlooking Grecia.  But just how hot it is will relate directly to how your body handles heat. 

When Fran and I moved to Costa Rica, we had ruled out living at the beach because we understood it to be too hot, too humid, too expensive, too crime laden and just overall too touristy!  We based those opinions on visits to Jacó, Quepos and Dominical. 

We based our decision to move to the Central Valley because the weather (when we were there) was clear, dry and just downright awesome.  But as we soon learned, appearances can be deceiving. 

We had a lot to learn of Costa Rican microclimates and how these weather patterns can change dramatically in just the short span of a few minutes. 

For if you don't like the weather in one place, move somewhere else.  Sometimes its a matter of trial and error!  Again... this is why we say over and over again... RENT BEFORE YOU BUY! 



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