What Do Miss Living In CR?

Thought's From The Fran Side...

by Fran Browne


When Andy and I started talking about our US visit, I was plagued with a million questions.

  • How I would feel going home again?

  • What have I missed?

  • How would I react to all the traffic and crowds?

  • Would I feel like I was really home?

  • Was I just a visitor spending time in the country of my birth?

  • Did I really miss the fast pace, fast food, modern conveniences and shopping?

  • How would I feel leaving my friends and family when it was time to return to Costa Rica?

Now that we are back in Costa Rica and settling back into our daily routine, I think I can finally answer some of these questions.

  • First off, I had a great time back in the States.  In fact, I love the United States and I'm proud to be an American.  We may not have left if we didn't loose our jobs and the economy went into the shitter.

  • Of all the places we visited, Charlotte was the only place that really felt like home.  Perhaps it's because of our 11 years of history there and the tight network of friends we cultivated.

  • I have to admit... I am a snob!  I like nice things, nice houses, manicured lawns with seasonal flowers, good roads with guard rails and street lights.  I like the change of season and modern conveniences like dishwashers, garbage disposals, Digital Video Recorders, cool cell phones and fast internet.  But on the other hand, I don't like cold weather, heavy traffic, crowds and nasty people.  Strangely enough, I didn't miss fast food, even though we ate like pigs trough seven states.

  • It was great spending time with family and friends.  We laughed a lot but ate and drank way too much. 

  • Since we use SKYPE to keep in touch with most everybody, I really did not feel like we we've been out of touch.  In fact, it was almost like we never left.  But it was great the feeling I got having lunch with my grand kids at their school.  This can never be replicated through SKYPE or Magic Jack.  That I really miss.

  • Now that the trip is over, I asked myself if I would have changed anything about this vacation.  The answer was simple... NO WAY!  The vacation was perfect or at least near perfect.  We only stayed a few days at each location thereby making sure we didn't become a burden to our hosts or vice versa.  The only thing I might have changed was to spend a little more time with my kids.  But now they will have to visit us here to get more "Grammy and Pop Pop" time.

This trip helped me realize how much I also love living in Costa Rica.  The people here are amazing.  Food is healthy (relatively speaking).  We can afford not to work and absolutely love living near the beach. 

So is Costa Rica my home?  For now it is.  What might work best for me is to visit my northern home more than once every 18 months.  But who knows what other adventures are in my future, only time will tell.



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