Daily Life At The Beach...


We have to admit, as our second anniversary living in Costa Rica approaches, we can sit back and (quite objectively) reflect on these last two years.  Most folks think that all we do each day is play at the beach, watch incredible sunsets, observe happy hour as if it were a religious rite, careen through whitewater canyons or zip through rain forested canopies.  OK, we're guilty as charged.  But as you will come to learn as our life is evolving.  We are seeking other opportunities in which to better enrich our lives.  But for now, we start off with the fun stuff.

Hora de Feliz...

The official Costa Rican Happy Hour begins generally around 4PM and lasts until 6PM.  Some public establishments violate this sacrosanct policy by starting as early as 11:30 in the morning but these are places usually satisfy the local alcoholic expat community.  However, when we are not catching a sunset with a nice box of Chilean Merlot, we can be found slamming down a few cocktails at El Velero or Coconutz.


It's Not Like We're Brad & Angie...

Having produced and starred in over 70 internet videos about moving to Costa Rica, Fran and I have developed a small but growing base of reader viewers on the Boomers Offshore website.  It is becoming more likely that when we walk the beach in the morning, do some grocery shopping at Luperon, or grab a quick lunch at a local soda, someone will invariably come up to us and ask us if we are Fran and Andy from Boomers Offshore. 

The other day, while sitting on the beach, a woman walked up to us, stopped abruptly and in a rather husky voice shrieked... "OH MY GAWD... IT'S FRAN AND ANDY.  IT'S FRANDY!"  It turned out to be none other than Deborah Bumpus, one of our newly acquired Facebook friends.

We invited her to hang around and chat awhile but alas she seemed like she was on a mission and had to split.  So we agreed to meet a few days later at a local beach restaurant for lunch.  It was good having the opportunity to hang with a new friend and just compare notes.

Just The Daily Routine...

Costa Rica, as we are constantly learning, continues to amaze us.  One good thing, Fran is getting over her mortal fear of those multi-legged things that go crawling in the night.  Check out the scorpion she killed last week with her shoe.  After "stealthily" approaching from the arachnid's rear, she slammed the living hell out of it with one of her beach shoes.  Then she got me to pick up the flattened carcass.  We need to work on her disposal techniques.



Those of you who know me know that I enjoy consuming a wee bit of Nature's spirits each day precisely at 4pm (sometimes 3pm).  So it is necessary that (on occasion) I need to make a run to the local supermercado or tienda de vinos y licores in order to replenish my supply. 

Can you imagine my surprise when recently I encountered a lovely young tica offering taste tests of Johnnie Walker Red!  It took me four tastes before I finally agreed that I needed a bottle!

Thanks to the quality (or lack there of) of Costa Rica's road system, developing slow leaks in tires are becoming (sometimes) a monthly routine.  Los hombres at my favorite llanta taller de reparación (tire repair shop) almost know me by name.

The good news is they fix the leak and it costs only $3.00.  The bad news is the inside of my tire looks like a patchwork quilt!


Life Is

Fran had serious doubts as to whether or not she would enjoy (and survive) retired life.  Her biggest concern is that since she really has no hobbies, she's not quite sure what she would do with her time.  As it turns out, Fran is anything but bored. 

So long as the internet is up and the tide is out, Fran will always find something to occupy her time.






It's been a long time in the talking and planning stages but it's finally happening, Guanacaste is getting it's first, private hospital. 

Groundbreaking began a few months ago and thanks to the dry season, Los trabajadores are working 6-7 days a week to bring high quality healthcare to a bunch of salivating gringos.

Ya never know what your about to see as you drive down the road.  In just one day a man pulled up next to me in his 1978 Toyota Watchamacallit.  The guy was barely able to look over his steering wheel because he his car was laden with what looked like 500 pineapples.

Not 30 minutes later, while driving to the market in Coco, a back hoe comes meandering down the street with a boat in tow.  The funny part was there was a family of ticos onboard, drinking beer and having a great time.

Who says we're not civilized in Costa Rica.  On February 6th, 2011, a bunch of us piled into a local sports bar in Playa Hermosa to watch the Green Bay Packers take down the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

While the game was just OK, like most gringos we were looking forward to seeing the commercials.  But to our chagrin, our game was being broadcast via ESPN International.  Not only did we not see all the cool commercials, all the play by play commentary was in Spanish!  I quickly picked up phrases like "bandera en el juego" (Flag on the play) and "gol" (touchdown) and lets not forget "punto addicional" or extra point.

But who cares.  It was so noisy you could not hear anything, especially that dumb ass broad who flubbed the National Anthem and that horrible halftime show featuring the Black-eyed Peas.  At least the beer was cold and the nachos were hot!






Oh My

This is sacrilege.  Who da thunk I would ever drink beer on the rocks!  But down here in the tropics it is considered normal and sometimes very necessary.

Due to the general warmth of the surrounding air, a glass of beer will have a tendency to loose its chill very quickly.  So either you keep your can or bottle wrapped in some sort of insulator, you will be drinking body temperature beer in a matter of minutes.

So the rule is... keep it wrapped, drink fast or do it on the rocks!  That's how to drink beer in Costa Rica.


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