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Issue 012


Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Bienvenidos Amigos...

Hola amigos and welcome to our latest newsletter.  As we are well into our dry season, that means every day is just like the day before... cool mornings, warm afternoons, blue skies and low humidity. 

In this issue, Fran takes a serious look at health related issues from a woman's point of view and asks the super important question "What would you do if..."   I on the other hand offer tips on typing Spanish characters as well as a series of non sequiturs, cleverly disguised as interesting tidbits.  Donna Anderton, a dear friend from San Ramon, talks about her recent experience having personal goods shipped into Puravidaville.

We hope you enjoy this read.  If you have any questions or just want to say hi, you can always email ME or FRAN.

this month's news...

Health Issues, a Female Perspective...

by Fran Browne

Where to get quality healthcare is always a concern whenever one moves to a new location.  Living in the States, we had the luxury of having and excellent and consistent healthcare delivery system.  However, it becomes a serious concern when living in a foreign country.

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Typing Spanish Characters...

When typing anything is Spanish, entering an incorrect letter can often lead to unexpected results.  For instance, let's say I want to wish someone a "Happy New Year."  I can simply type Feliz (Happy) Ano (Year) Nuevo (New).  However, on careful inspection, I actually said "Happy New Ass." 

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¿Qué haría usted? - What Would You Do?

by Fran Browne

When Andy and a I made the decision (two and a half years ago) to move to Costa Rica, we did so as a matter of financial survival.  After loosing our jobs and a huge chunk of our 401K retirement, we came to several gut wrenching realizations.  First, reentering the job market and maintaining our current lifestyle was not going to happen.  Secondly, stretching what remained of our nest egg was crucial to insure our long term security.  Lowering our cost of living without lowering our quality of life was our strategy and Costa Rica appeared to be the solution. 

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To Mail or Mule, That Is The Question...

by Donna Anderton, San Ramon de Alajuela

Recently, a dear friend of mine back in the United States informed me that she wanted to send me a gift; a copy of her recently published book.  I gave her the address of a mail forwarding company we use that is located in Miami Florida. 

This company, Aerocasillas, provides mail and courier services between the United States and foreign countries.

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Guests Out The Wazoo...

It's HIGH SEASON in Costa Rica.  It gets that name not as a result of certain herbal indulgences of it's residences but rather due influx of tourists.  Tourists flock here in droves because of the incredibly perfect weather we experience during this time of the year. 

So it is no surprise that while our friends freeze their collective asses off back in the States, they come to the decision that NOW is a great time to visit Fran and Andy.

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Daily Life In Pura Vidaville...

We have to admit, as our second anniversary living in Costa Rica approaches, we can sit back and (quite objectively) reflect on these last two years.  Most folks think that all we do each day is play at the beach, watch incredible sunsets, observe happy hour as if it were a religious rite, careen through whitewater canyons or zip through rain forested canopies.  OK, we're guilty as charged.  But as you will come to learn as our life is evolving.  We are seeking other opportunities in which to better enrich our lives.  But for now, we start off with the fun stuff.

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new videos...


Farewell Pekin Star - The burned out hulk of a shrimp trawler has finally been removed from the beach of Playa Hermosa.  Check out Andy's new video documentary which lights the community's effort to clean up the beach.

andy's recipe of the month...

Empanadas, A Latin American Favorite

An empanada is a stuffed bread or pastry baked in many countries of Latin America. The name comes from the verb empanar, meaning to wrap or coat in bread.

An empanada is made by folding a dough or bread patty around the stuffing which can consist of anything from sweet fruits to ground up meat and vegetables.  Empanadas can be served as appetizers, as a dessert or even as a lunch out on the beach.


what's on tap for next month...

Next month we will be celebrating our two year anniversary living in Costa Rica.  I'm not sure what that means.  I guess we'll all just have to wait and see.


This newsletter is a periodic publication from your friends at Boomers Offshore.  It's our way of trying to stay in touch and to encourage on-going communications between family, friends or anybody interested in our lives in Costa Rica.