Swimming With The Crocs...


At the southern end of our beach lies a fresh water lagoon with an estuary that leads out into the ocean.  It has been rumored that a crocodile lives amongst the mangroves and has been known to feed on small animals (like dogs) that wonder into it's waters.  As far as I'm concerned this is all hype and rumor.  But needless to say, I keep my distance and completely freak out whenever Úpe or Ashka wonder close to it's shoreline

One morning, while walking along the beach I had experienced what can only be described as a scene out of the movie Jaws.  For the last hour I had been throwing a rubber ball into the surf while my two yellow labs were fighting it out to see who was able to retrieve the ball first.

Just as a small 1 foot swell was breaking on the shore, I saw the familiar shape of a crocodile swimming parallel to the shore line... not 15 feet from where I was standing.  I screamed bloody murder for my dogs to get out of the water.

With my own eyes I saw it.  This was no bullshit... a croc was feeding right off out beach! 

The news of the crocs incursion on Playa Hermosa had spread fast.  While the gringos sat around figuring out what to do and who to call, our Tico neighbors sprang to action using nets, boogie boards a little rope (and of course) some duct tape to capture this reptile.

However, every time they came close to snaring the armored beast, it eked out a few more minutes of freedom. 

Local kids sprang into action corralling the croc with the help of their boogie boards. 

This gave the the big guys enough time to properly subdue the croc.


After a short amount of time, the guys got a rope around the crocs head and secured it's powerful jaws with copious amounts of duct tape.  I was concerned that this guy was going to wind up in someone's cerviche or as part of a surf and turf but wisdom prevailed.  They loaded the croc into a truck and released him down on the shores of the Rio Tempisque.  Kudos go out to my friends and neighbors here at Playa Hermosa. 

Gracias por su preocupación por la seguridad y el trabajo duro.

Thank you for your concern for safety and your hard work.


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