Kids Movie Nite on Playa Hermosa...



Some of the nicest people we have met so far living in Costa Rica have been kids.  We see them everywhere and they are always greeting us with a cheerful smile and an enthusiastic "Hola" or "Buenas Dias."  We see them at the beach all the time and their biggest kick is to play ball with Úpe and Ashka.  What makes this interaction even more fun is they help me with my español while I coach them with their English.

These kids are so cool and friendly, Fran and I wanted to do something to give back for all the joy they have given us.  So we hosted our first ever "Noche en el cine!" - Night At The Movies!

For some of these kids it was the first time they have ever seen a movie and for all them it was the first time the ever watched a movie outside on the big screen... at the beach.  It reminded me of my days back in Miami when my parents took us to the drive-in theater.

Because I already owned most of the equipment needed to show movies, all I needed to do was borrow a screen and find a place on the beach (with electricity).  My friends Brian Farley and Jennifer Palocsay came through by making their beachfront back yard available to us and Randy Toltz drove from his home (an hour away) to deliver his inflatable movie screen.  How cool was that!

We began setting up the screen around 4:30 in the afternoon but high winds and high tides forced us to move the screen from it's intended "sandy beach" location, inland about 50 meters to Brian's back yard.

Everything worked as planned although I needed to make three quick trips back to my house for needed supplies like cables and the ever necessary remote control for the DVD player.

The sun set at 5:48 that day.  Our weather was perfect, as it always is here in Guanacaste!  Kids, along with their parents, began piling into Brian's back yard with blankets and lawn chairs in tow.

While "Noche en el cine" was a totally free event, there was one small charge to get in... each kid needed to bring some recyclable garbage they either brought from home or found on the beach.  This was their cost of entry and NOBODY came empty handed.

Also on hand were two beach vendors we had hired for the night to give out free snow-cones to the kids.  Francisco and José were set up at 6:00 pm, shaving ice, stuffing them in cups and topping them with all sorts of sweet goop.  Fran was handing out lollipops to all the kids but unfortunately our bag of 50 ran out quickly.

By 6:10 it was show time.  Using my guitar amplifier as my only source of sound turned out to be a brilliant decision.  

Shrek 2 came blasting onto our huge, blowup screen.  The kids just sat there totally mesmerized for nearly two hours. 

We weren't able to take an exact headcount but by all accounts it looked like SIXTY kids (of all ages) showed up for this event. 

We plan to do it again about a month.  The next scheduled movie will be the original Star Wars shown (of course) "en español!"


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