Visitors Out The Wazoo...


Since out last newsletter, we have had a steady stream of guests passing through our doors.  Not quite sure what it is... maybe the incredible beautiful weather here in Playa Hermosa, the lure of the beach or maybe just the fact that Fran and I can't say NO when somebody says "we're going to be in the area, can we buy you a drink?"

What is especially cool is we have the chance to meet so many new people who are coming to Costa Rica to explore whether or not expat life may be for them.

We originally met George and Kathy while they were on a Central Valley Due Diligence Tour.  They eventually moved here and we became fast friends friends.  Currently they "hibernate" in the clouds just north of San Ramon, freezing their collective asses off.  That's the same place we first lived.  After not seeing the sun for weeks at a time, George and Kathy are saying adios to the wind, rain and fog and will become our new neighbors here in Playa Hermosa this June.  Bienvenidos mis amigos.


Emanuel Rojas hails from Naranjo, Alajuela, a small town in the Central Valley.  Emanuel and I met while I was helping teach English back in San Ramon and he was one of my students.  He and I used to get together and hang out on Saturday's in each other's town.  There, we would walk around just "shooting the bull"... he in English and "yo" en espaņol.  We became good friends.  Emanuel was finally able to pull a few days off work from his Call Center Job with Bank of America and visit us at the beach.  Again we simply hung out and shot the bull... he in a much improved English and me with my ever struggling espaņol.


We met Jerry and Patti at last year's International Living Conference in San Jose.  Their goal was to retire (almost) and move from Arizona to Costa Rica.  Having spent lots of time touring other parts of the country, they decided to give the beaches of Guanacaste a shot.  Although it was warm, it seemed cool to them compared to a normal Arizona day.  It looks like we may be getting two more neighbors in 2012.

Leonard and Sally Timm
Atenas, Alajuela

Bob & Victoria

Frank and Janna

Denise & Rob Key

Debbie and Jan Hoffman

Chuck and Cindi Smith


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