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Issue 013


Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Bienvenidos Amigos...

Can you believe it... it has been two years (March 31, 2009) to be exact that we set foot (permanently) on Costa Rican soil.  During our time in country we have learned a lot, met tons of people, many of whom we call our friends.  We even met a few people who have threatened to have us thrown out of the country because of some "truths" we told in our videos.  But that's water under the bridge.

Our new life in Costa Rica is delivering pretty much all that we has expected.  Thankfully, here have been few surprises and I attribute that to our doing our research. 

Pura vida mis amigos... we're keeping our fingers crossed for another two years!

this month's news...

What In The Hell Do You Do All Day?

By Fran Browne

It’s hard to believe but we are now celebrating our second year living in Costa Rica.  Wow, time really does seem to fly by.  Why it seems just like yesterday we were deciding on what to sell and what to bring to Costa Rica.

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New Process For Submitting Documents...

Republished From AM Costa Rica

On Monday, February 28, 2011, an article appeared in A.M. Costa Rica that may impact many people seeking new residency in Costa Rica.  It appears that Costa Rica, being a signatory on a recent multi-national treaty, will be required (by the terms of that treaty) to adopt a new methodology for accepting legal documents from external, governmental sources.

If the article is correct, it will greatly improve the archaic process now used by Costa Rican officials to authenticate documents being submitted from external sources.

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Typing Spanish Characters -  Revisited...

I received quite a bit of mail following last month's article on better ways of entering Spanish characters into your PC.  A friend from San Ramon wrote back and recommended buying a Spanish/English keyboard.  Not a bad idea for a fully dedicated desktop computer but I do a lot of work on a laptop.  Dragging along a full-size, additional keyboard was not in the cards. 

The best new idea came from Pat W from Houston Texas.

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Costa Rica... Can't Ya Get It Right?

Don't get me wrong, I love Costa Rica, it's people, it's culture and it's overall quality of life.  But there are things about this country that continues to unnerve me like why can't "they" fix anything right... the first time?

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Fat Tuesday Blow Out...

Sitting on one's ass, doing nothing all day but "hanging out" is not the way we care to live our lives here in Costa Rica. Fran and I have come to the realization that it is our personal responsibility to keep active and above all give something back to the country that we now call home.

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Swimming With The Crocs...

At the southern end of our beach lies a fresh water lagoon with an estuary that leads out into the ocean.  It has been rumored that a crocodile lives amongst the mangroves and has been known to feed on small animals (like dogs) that wonder into it's waters.  As far as I'm concerned this is all hype and rumor.  But needless to say, I keep my distance and completely freak out whenever Úpe or Ashka wonder close to it's shoreline.

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Kids Movie Nite on Playa Hermosa...

The most friends we have made so far here in Costa Rica have been kids.  We see them everywhere and when ever we do we are greeted with a cheerful smile and an enthusiastic "Hola" or "Buenas Dias."  We see them at the beach all the time and they just love throwing the ball with Úpe and Ashka.  What makes this interaction even more fun is they help me with my español while I coach them with their English.

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Visitors Out The Wazoo...

Since out last newsletter, we have had a steady stream of guests passing through our doors.  Not quite sure what it is... maybe the incredible beautiful weather here in Playa Hermosa, the lure of the beach or maybe just the fact that Fran and I can't say NO when somebody says "we're going to be in the area, can we buy you a drink?"

What is especially cool is we have the chance to meet so many new people who are coming to Costa Rica to explore whether or not expat life may be for them.

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new videos...


Chapter 74 - International Living Podcast - now with video

PLAY Chapter 75 - Fat Tuesday Blowout
PLAY Chapter 76 - Zipline on the Congo Trail
PLAY Chapter 77 - Condofish, Playa Hermosa's New Artificial Reef

andy's recipe of the month...

Everybody thinks of Hummus as a middle eastern dish but I add a bit of a Latino flare to it.  Check out this new recipe that gives this famous garbanzo bean dish a very nice kick in the pants!

Bon Appétit...


what's on tap for next month...

Who the hell knows... what do I have, crystal balls?


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