2011 Highway Star Roadtrip...


Although it's been only eight months since my last gastronomic journey to the U.S., certain, ultra compelling circumstances have lead me to cash in the remainder of my Frequent Flier miles and head north, this time without my loving wife. 

I'm sure you all wondering, just what in the world would lure this 60 year old, completely satisfied retiree to pick up stakes and return to the Motherland for a second visit in less than one year... the answer is simple... KICK ASS ROCK AND ROLL!

It was May 1969 that I had my first opportunity to see Deep Purple in concert in Melbourne Florida.  Now, 42 years later, I have (what may be) my final opportunity to see my favorite rock and roll band of all times, this time backed by a full symphony orchestra. So I threw caution to the wind and said WTF!  I called my two sons back in the States and asked them if were up for a rock and roll road trip.  Before I could finish asking the question I received my answer... HELL YEAH!  So, with just that one phone call the dye was cast.  It was time to plan Road Trip 2011... "The Highway Star Tour."

I could have easily flown in just for the June 10 show in Holmdel New Jersey and returned to Costa Rica a few days later but at a cost of 60,000 Frequent Flier Miles, I decided to really get my money's worth.  So I decided that if I'm going to get crazy at a rock concert, I might as well get crazy doing the other thing I love, whitewater rafting.  So on June 7, my younger son Mike and I will be heading to the mountains of West Virginia to ride the class III-IV rapids of New River and the monster Class V rapids of the Gauley River the following day.  But the story doesn't end there. 


Fran had no desire to see Deep Purple nor did she care to put her body through the rigors of a two-day rafting trip.  She wanted to stay home and just work on her tan.  Me, on the other hand, saw this as an opportunity to look up old friends, some of which I haven't seen in 20 years or more.  Thus began my quest to plot this trip.

Thanks to Google Maps, I began entering my desired locations.  By rearranging the order, I was able to play infinite "what if" scenarios as to where I wanted to go, when I needed to be there and how I was going to get there.  The result of all my effort can be seen in the map (on the left). 

In just 30 days, I will have visited 17 states and have driven no less than 4000 miles.  By the way, this was the real reason Fran told me to "go to hell" when I told her of my travel plans.

In addition, while on this adventure, I hope to meet a few new friends I have met online while developing Boomers Offshore.  Already, I've made plans to tip a few in New York and Indiana.

So as the trip progresses, I'll be reporting back through Facebook, posting pictures, some commentary and maybe a few videos as well so please check it out. 

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