Boomers Masthead - Hermosa

Issue 014


Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Bienvenidos Amigos...

Welcome old  friends and new readers to the Boomers Offshore periodic, thought provoking, occasionally cutting and slightly irreverent episodic adventures of  Andy and Fran's life in Costa Rica.

I have to admit, what started out as a series of articles designed to educate prospective expats seeking a better life in Costa Rica, the Newsletter seems to have taken the position of being more of a social commentary.  I'm not sure I like the direction.  What are your thoughts?

Regardless... we hope you will enjoy this issue for we endeavor to offer tips to visitors as to how they can improve their Costa Rican vacation experience, how residents can fly (in country) on the cheap, passport renewal, the rainy season and more.

here is what's on the inside...

You're Not Here On Vacation...

Every day we receive emails from people from all over thanking us for our straight forward and honest answers to their questions about moving to Costa Rica. 

We don't pretend to be an all knowing source of information about expat life here but what we can (and will continue to do) is offer advice based on our personal knowledge and experiences.


It's Nature's Way...

Rarely, as a legal resident of Costa Rica, do really good financial deals come our way but here is one for which you should take note.


Renewing A Passport from Offshore...

  • My current passport is just 3 months from expiration. 

  • I live in a foreign country with a dubious track record for doing anything efficient plus has no reliable mail service. 

  • The nearest U.S. Embassy is 4 hours away. 

  • In one month I am about to leave on a 31 day U.S. Trip.  I need a valid passport!


Embracing The Rainy Season

While our year round temperatures rarely swing more than 10 degrees up or down, Costa Rica does enjoy the luxury of two distinct seasons... DRY and WET.  Most of the tourists like to visit when the chance of rain is at it's least.  Therefore the dry season (generally late November through the end of April) is also synonymous the HIGH SEASON and commands the highest rates for everything.


The Highway Star...

Although it's been only eight months since my last gastronomic journey to the U.S., certain, ultra compelling circumstances have lead me to cash in the remainder of my Frequent Flier miles and head north, this time without my loving wife. 


new videos...

PLAY Chapter 78 - A Family Day At Sea
PLAY Chapter 79 - Boy and His Dog(s)

andy's recipe of the month...

  I tried a Chicken Pot Pie from scratch but the recipe is not worthy of publication.  Back to the kitchen.

what's on tap for next month...

Who the hell knows... what do I have, crystal balls?


This newsletter is a periodic publication from your friends at Boomers Offshore.  It's our way of trying to stay in touch and to encourage on-going communications between family, friends or anybody interested in our lives in Costa Rica.