You're Not Here On Vacation...


Every day we receive emails from people from all over thanking us for our straight forward and honest answers to their questions about moving to Costa Rica. 

We don't pretend to be an all knowing source of information about expat life here but what we can (and will continue to do) is offer advice based on our personal knowledge and experiences.

Fran and I enjoy an opportunity to share some of this knowledge with many of our readers and new friends who have come to visit the Guanacaste area to learn more about this region.  During these educational visits, we have taken many of these folks to meet our doctor, veterinarian, and pharmacist.  We have also visited several of the local supermarkets (of varying class) to check out prices and availability of those daily staples many gringos just can't live without.  We also show different examples of home rentals but this is done to EDUCATE - NOT SELL.  Lord knows, there are enough bullshit websites out there that do that. 

Our goal is to show our friends and readers what life (as a Guanacaste resident) will be like should one make the decision to move here.

You're Not Here To Have Fun...

The single most difficult concept for folks taking a "due diligence tour" is... they think they are on vacation!  Well truth be told... they're NOT! 

If there is one single piece of advice Fran and I can offer people coming here to "check out" Costa Rica is... you are not here to have fun, you are here to work!  You are here investigating the possibility of moving to a foreign country and turning your life completely inside out.  Trying to do this with your mind rooted in "vacation mode" will result in you failing to accomplish your investigative responsibility.  I'm sorry to sound like such a hard ass, but this needs to be said.  There will always be time to go fishing or zip lining. 

I have talked with many folks who have paid quite a bit of money to take investigative relocation tours.  As a result, many walk away learning little.  They decide to move here and within the first year they come to learn they have really screwed up.  Unfortunately they have no one to blame but themselves.  And don't even get me started on those who have come here for three days, fallen in love with an area or a house and then bought the damn thing, only to learn that the weather sucks or they live next to a muffler repair shop. 

Now don't get me wrong, I also know several folks who have moved here, bought on their first visit and are extremely happy.  But from what I have seen, this may very well be the minority.

That is my observation and I'm sticking by it.


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