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The Highway Star: Andy's U.S. Adventure

I love living in Costa Rica and having lived here for more than two years I can honestly say Fran and I consider it to be home.  So while I no longer view the U.S. as my home, it is still the place I go to visit friends and family.  So in June, with our rainy season just getting started, I decided to cash in on the last of my Delta Frequent Flyer miles and head off to the States, all by myself. 


We're Not In Illinois Anymore...

By Sally Timm

My husband Leonard and I moved to Costa Rica in mid-2010. We’ve found the process of settling in to be something like the tale of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears.” (“This town is too wet. This town is too windy. This town is just right!”).  Of course, while Blondie was griping about her new digs, somewhere out there was a bear scratching its head and wondering why this kid wasn’t satisfied.


Maybe I'm Just An Old Fart... Fran's Rant Against Technology

By Fran Browne

The other day I was talking to a friend and our conversation centered around technology in the US, primarily how it has taken over everything.  I know you are surprised that I would even talk about a subject like this, but I did.  We both were amazed at how personal electronics has replaced simple thinks like "talking." 


Home Alone... or is it Free At Last?

By Fran Browne

When Andy started planning his month long US trip, I started to wonder how I would handle being by myself for such a long period of time.  Remember, I have been married for 38 years.  That's a long time being with just one person.  I joked that it will be great and that I was really looking forward to it.  Finally the remote control would be mine and I didn't have to worry about stepping in anything "damp" in the bathroom!  At least for a month the house would be free from clutter.  I could eat M&Ms for dinner and come and go as I pleased.  Awh… the single days.



Medical Tourism Coming to Guanacaste...

Excerpted from The Tico Times

At Costa Rica's annual medical tourism congress, businesses emphasized the soaring potential of the country's northwest province. A $125 million CIMA hospital, set to open before the end of this year, looks to be the cornerstone of Guanacaste's medical tourism future.


Tips On Renting A Cell Phone In The US ...

Gringos love their cell phones. And when the time comes for us to travel back to the motherland, one of the first things for which we "Jones" (that's a slang expression for 'crave') is that little electronic device which allows us to constantly stay touch anybody and everybody. I am certainly no exception.


Renting Versus Buying: One Person's Opinion

By George Ernst

Within the last year, George and Kathy Ernst moved from their home near the Gulf shores of Florida to Costa Rica.  Like so many, they were seeking the "better life."  George wants to share some of his thoughts on their experiences.


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