Telling Our Story...


Since making the decision to retire and move to Costa Rica more than two years ago, we have meticulously documented our experiences by creating informative and entertaining videos as well funny and sometimes provocative stories on our website. 

The Boomers Offshore website has been viewed by thousands of people from around the globe, many of whom are seeking a new life, away from their native shores.  We've even gotten the attention of the publishers of International Living Magazine.

Last August, the editors from International Living Magazine (ILM) asked us if we would be interested in telling our story at their 2010 Conference right here in San Jose.  Before accepting their offer I did my own due diligence.  Having read many past issues of their magazine, I found the articles to be very interesting and highly informative, possessing a consistently uber positive viewpoint but I do recognize that it is the nature of their business to be ultra positive.   So when they asked us to speak at their event, I wanted to make sure that we would be able to tell our story the only way we know how... with warts and all.  When they wholeheartedly agreed, so did we.

More than 250 attendee's heard our story.   Apparently they liked what they heard, because we have been invited back again this year.  Fran and I will be on the agenda again in San Jose talking about expat life in Costa Rica.  Then completely out of the blue I got an email from International Living asking if we would be agreeable to give a talk at their huge, annual conference in Las Vegas in early October.  I could not type the words HELL YEAH fast enough.  The only barrier was finding a person/couple to house sit for us during our 2 week, Stateside visit. Three hours later we had our house sitters.

Last year I received several emails from people who ripped us apart, condemning us for selling out because we spoke at the International Living event.  They had accused us of  for being "shills" for ILM. 

Let me be clear, while our travel expenses are reimbursed by ILM, we are NOT paid a fee to speak at these events.  The words we speak are our own and not those of International Living.  In fact, International Living does not even ask to review our material before we present. 

We enjoy meeting new people and adding on to our network.  Our goal is to tell our story and hopefully stem the tide of expats who make the mistake of moving to Costa Rica ill prepared. 


By the way, after we finish our talk in Las Vegas, we plan on spending About 10 days visiting friends and a few Boomers Offshore fans in Arizona, Nevada and California.  I think we are going to make it as far north as Santa Barbara.


Thanks for watching our videos.  Please stay in touch.

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