Hey kids we're moving to Paradise!

By Randy Toltz


That is pretty much how it went in our house, when we decided to move to Costa Rica. The entire process from the initial discussions to the actual landing was about 6 weeks.

That timeline includes the adults going on a one week due diligence trip.

Quick was an understatement.  By the time the words settled in, they were holding their passports in hand at the airport. By the time they knew that Costa Rica was a country and not part of Mexico, we were living there for over a month. 

Was that the best way to go about it? Yes and no. There was very little time for anxiety, or worry, with all there was to do, in packing up an entire life, in the span of less than a month, there was no time left to even think. Not only was this move sudden, it was totally unexpected, maybe even shocking. For you see, we are not the moving type. In fact, the only move our kids had ever made, was from our previous house, which shared the fence with the house we lived in. So, why not “shoot the moon” and move to Costa Rica?

At first the relocation news was met with cautious excitement, by the two of our five kids, lucky enough to still be living at home. Excitement, that quickly faded as the realities set in. With four weeks to pack up our entire lives, the pain began. Sure, you can bring whatever you want, as long as it fits in your two 50 pound suitcases plus a carry-on, AFTER your clothes, shoes, and necessities. The Shaquille O’Neal autographed basketball, maybe not. Lacrosse sticks, well they really don’t have lacrosse there, anyway. Lego collection and spy gear, ugh, sorry.  If that is not bad enough, your grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, well, there is always Skype. Then came the friends, who were all jealous, but as the good-byes started, the remaining shine quickly faded. So, possessions, family and friends, at least were not leaving the dog, right? Well, we really were not comfortable taking 12 year old, long haired, Scooter to the tropics. He is now enjoying life with Grandma and Gramps.

So, here we are almost two years, four schools, three cars, and four condos later. How are the boys holding up? Well, they still miss the family, friends, toys, and dog, but we have a new dog, new friends, and some new toys. We have seen and heard volcanoes spew molten rocks and gas.

We have been deep sea fishing. we have been surfing, sailing, kayaking, snorkeling, boogie boarding and jet skiing. We have zip-lined and hiked and even swam in waterfalls. We have learned some Spanish along the way. Learned of cultures, world politics and currencies. We have laughed, cried, and played a few games. Do they miss home sometimes, no doubt. Do we regret moving, no! The things we gave up are far outweighed by the experiences and lessons along the way. We now have even more friends, family, and dogs to share it all with, Pura Vida!


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