International Living Conference 2011

Las Vegas Nevada...


It's always fun to have the opportunity to address the potential expats who attend International Living conferences.  But its an even bigger kick when you can do it in Las Vegas!

This year, more than 650 folks from around the globe, flocked to the Red Rock Casino and Resort to learn about opportunities about living and investing overseas.


This is the third time we have presented to IL conference attendees.  What makes our presentations different from many of the other presentations is we have no agenda.  We are just a couple of expats who have been given the opportunity to tell our story... warts and all. 

We changed things up a bit for this presentation.  Instead of slogging through a 30 minute PowerPoint show explaining how we got to where we are now, I created a short but sweet 7 minute video that accomplishes the same thing.  Our remaining 23 minutes was spent talking about Costa Rica and our day to day life. 

Contrary to some beliefs, we were not there to "sell" Costa Rica or to convince people to "move" to Costa Rica.  We did not paint a "rose colored" view of our new home and life.  Instead, we were frank in our thoughts on Costa Rican healthcare, cost of living and the current real estate climate here.

Our message seemed to resonate with many of the attendees.  Following our presentation, and for the next few days, many of them stopped us to express their gratitude and say how much they really appreciated what we had to say and how we said it.  They seemed to like the honest, yet biased opinions we brought forth.  And for many, our pros and cons approach gave them food for thought for any future decisions they may be asked to make.

As attendees ourselves, Fran and I were able to attend presentations which talked about life in other Latin American and even European countries.  While Costa Rica has met all our needs, we have not written off the possibility of living elsewhere.  Remember, the name of our website is Boomers Offshore, NOT Boomers In Costa Rica.  Our door has been intentionally left open so as to explore other potential locations.  Who knows... maybe Ecuador or even Uruguay may be in our future.  All we have is time.




Thanks for watching our videos.  Please stay in touch.

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