Western USA Tour...

Road Tour through Nevada, Arizona and So. California


Since we were already returning to the US to speak at the International Living Conference in Las Vegas, Fran and I decided to seize the opportunity and turn a business trip into a vacation.

The good news is we left Vegas with more money than when we arrived.  The bad news is we could have left with a whole lot more but greed got the better of me.

Cruising around in our ragtop

Like all of our vacations, we seem to eat our way from city to city, re-engaging with our senses of tastes and smells which are now mostly just memories of our past life back in the States. 

Having worked trade shows in Vegas for so many years, Sin City was not that much of a turn on for us so we beat a hasty retreat as soon as the Conference was over.  We rented a Mitsubishi Convertible and headed east towards Phoenix Arizona. 


There we hooked up with future expats, my friend and retiring firefighter Gary Johnson and Jerry and Patty Johnston.  In addition, Fran hooked up with an old high school friend Laraine Lyons and I got with an old surfing buddy and next door neighbor Ron Sprague.  It seemed like old home week, for Fran had not seen Laraine in over twenty years and I haven't seen Ron since 1968... forty three years ago!

Gary & Betty

Mesa, AZ

Patty & Jerry

Mesa, AZ

Laraine & Fran

Tempe, AZ

Ron & Andy

Chandler, AZ

It was awesome having the chance to see old friends as well as new ones but it was now time to head west, toward the great (albeit bankrupt) state of California.  There, we visited three major cities, San Diego, Dana Point and Santa Barbara, again hooking up with new and old friends as well as fans of the Boomers Offshore website.

Clint & Don

San Diego, CA

Jeff & Caron

Dana Point, CA

Mark & Andy

Laguna Beach, CA

Rolando & Andy

Santa Barbara, CA

From the day we landed in Las Vegas  (Oct 5), till the day we flew home (Oct 19), we never saw one single cloud except for the usual early morning seaside fog in Southern California.  Boomers fans, Clint Neilson and Don Anderson treated us to a fantastic dinner at "C-Level" overlooking San Diego Harbor while Jeff and Caron were incredibly gracious and allowed us to crash two nights with them in their Dana Point home.  They managed to pull this off all the while acting as incredible tour guides.  I also got the opportunity to meet up with old work associates Mark Laudenslager and Rolando Mia while passing through Laguna Beach and Santa Barbara.

Fran immediately fell in love with Southern California and said she would move back there in a New York minute.  There was only one problem... we'd be out of cash in less than two years.  Besides, while the Pacific Ocean is beautiful to look at, boogie boarding in 62 degree water temps is not what I call fun!

While on the road, we stayed in contact with all our friends back home, thanks to Skype, Email and Facebook.  Where would we be without these invaluable tools?  They kept us up to date on all the weather related problems back in Costa Rica, all the time we were basking in the cloudless skies of Southern California.

Our House Sitters...

When we lived in the US, we never gave a single thought about leaving for 2-3 weeks on vacation.  The likelihood of one's house being broken into was very small, thanks to the watchful eyes of neighbors and the presence of local police.  But living in Costa Rica, one needs to be more diligent and shoulder more of the responsibility of protecting one's castle. 

When we learned of our pending US trip, I immediately put out an email to all my friends living in Costa Rica as well as abroad, to see who would like a FREE BEACH VACATION in beautiful Playa Hermosa Costa Rica.  All you need do is stay in our house, care for our pets and enjoy the sun and surf on one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire country.  Well, within 3 hours, Larry and Carol Kutz from Puriscal replied to my email with the line... "HELL YEAH - WE'LL DO IT!"  Unfortunately, a low pressure system located around Nicaragua decided to become stationary and dropped 12 consecutive days of rain on our beautiful area.  The beach was unapproachable with 10-12 foot waves pounding the shoreline, destroying small boats anchored just 100 meters off the shore.  But Larry and Carol made the best of it, managing to have a good time anyway and doing a fantastic job taking care of our house.

Hardcore Memories Of This Trip


USS Abraham Lincoln

steaming out to sea

The serenity of the desert

Wonderful Highways


Hot Tubs with HOT Water!

Real Hot Dogs made from

real meat using real catsup

and real mustard!

Quiet Casinos

Incredible Beef

Room Service

Sweet Corn that wont

break your teeth

The BEST Hamburgers

on the road

No Litter


In Summary...

Since moving to Costa Rica April 1 2009, we have ventured back to the States three times.  Yes, its great seeing friends and family but each time we return to Costa Rican soil, we do so with a big, shit-eating grin plastered on our faces.  After three years away, we can still say (with a high degree of certainty) we made the right decision.


Thanks for watching our videos.  Please stay in touch.

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