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Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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Back In The USA

Since we were already returning to the US to speak at the International Living Conference in Las Vegas, Fran and I decided to seize the opportunity and turn a business trip into a vacation.


International Living - Las Vegas Conference

It's always fun to have the opportunity to address the potential expats who attend International Living conferences.  But its an even bigger kick when you can do it Las Vegas Nevada!


Can A Single Woman Retire In Costa Rica?

Hardly a day that goes by that we aren't asked the question, "Can a single woman, with a very modest retirement income, retire in safety and serenity in Costa Rica? 

The answer is an unequivocal, but qualified, YES!


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Teeing Off In Guanacaste

by Richard Schaffer

I have been playing golf for 50 years prior to moving to Costa Rica in 2006. So naturally, when my wife and I got settled to our new lifer here, I went looking for golf courses in my area. What I found was what Costa Rica lacks in "quantity" is more than made up in the "quality" of the courses.


Yoga For Health

By Alana Shaffer

Some people may not think of Yoga as a true "exercise" because it is often viewed as more of a relaxation and stretching technique. That is, until they feel the incredible empowerment, flexibility and peace they experience after a few challenging sessions.


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