Byte Me Getty Images...


You know you've hit the big time when huge corporate giants come pounding on your door, threatening to sue you for things like copyright infringement. 

Such is the case with Getty Images v. Boomers Offshore.

A few months back, I published an article concerning Women's Health.  And in that article, I needed to show an example of a mammogram machine.  So I did what all energetic, low level and unfunded web designers do; I searched on the internet, found the picture I wanted and saved it to my PC.  I then proceeded to resize it, clean it up a bit before inserting it into my article.

Just the other day, my son Sean received a letter from Getty Images, addressed to me, demanding $700 for the use of their picture in my article else they would sue me for copyright infringement.  I guess their research told them that my pockets are sufficiently deep so as to withstand the cost of their legal persecution.

Those of you who know me, know of my general disdain for authority.  I like to buck the system and ridicule corporate assholes but I did what any, "jelly testicled" person would do in this situation, I caved in.


 I removed the offending picture from my website and promptly replaced it with a new (and potentially illegal) one.  

However, since I am a believer in all things happening for a reason, I want to extend my thanks to Getty Images for bringing to my attention this egregious error.  In doing so, I have improved the article by using a picture of much higher quality.

Here is the link to the (now corrected and improved) article.

God bless America and our wonderful legal system!



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