Tom and Dina reside in the hustle bustle world of Northern Virginia, specifically Washington DC.  Fran and I have known the Duffy's for a few years having first met through our online correspondence with Boomers Offshore.  Since then, we have visited with them at their home in Virginia as well as their visiting us at our homes in Playa Hermosa.  This is their third visit to Costa Rica, two of which have been Due Diligence trips.

In September 2012, Tom and Dina returned to Costa Rica for their second exploratory visit.  Having come here before in the dry season, they experienced Costa Rica at our meteorological best.  The decided to return during the rainy season to see what life was like when the weather was not as accommodating.

This video was recorded on their last day in Guanacaste.  From here, they travel back to the Central Valley, specifically Atenas, Grecia, Palmares and San Ramon, to do more investigation before having to jet their way back to the States.

The Duffy's are doing it right.  They are trying (and hopefully succeeding) in looking at offshore retirement with a very pragmatic eye. 

This video runs about 22 minutes and is divided into four parts.  When each part finishes, just click on the PLAY  button to run the next installment.