Ecuador is located to the south of Costa Rica, right dab smack at ZERO LATITUDE.  For all of you who may be "cartographically challenged", latitude zero is also known as the Equator. 

We plan on spending 10 days in country, landing first in Quito (pronounced key tow), Ecuador's Capital.  While we are (admittedly) not fans of big cities, preliminary research shows Quito to be a highly energetic and engaging locale.  But like all big cities, one needs to be careful and alert. The proprietors of our B&B in Quito will be assisting us with our local travels and you'll be meeting them in upcoming videos.

Following our 4+ days in the Capital, Fran and I will be "jonesing" big time for some clear water and soft sand.  Our plan is to hop aboard a local commuter plane and take a half hour flight to the beach area known as Esmeraldas.  For the next four days we will be staying in an area populated mostly by Ecuadorians but is growing in popularity with gringo expats.

After our whirlwind tour of Ecuador's northwest coast, we again jump aboard our local commuter plane and head south to the town of Cuenca.  Cuenca, a town of roughly 500,000 and is known for its colonial architecture and cuisine.  In addition, it is also home to many North American expats..

We are fortunate, through researching this trip, we have found new friends in all the areas which we plan to explore.  As we have said over and over, NETWORKING is the single biggest key to success when contemplating an expat life.  Fran and I will be meeting with business owners, expats and hopefully a few locals and get honest answers to questions plaguing most potential expats.

We are not here to sell you on going to Ecuador.  That is not our role, nor is it our desire.  We hope to find out answers to many of the questions you would want to ask if you were making the trip yourself.  We plan to visit local grocery stores, farmacias maybe even a doctor and dentist.  We hope to compare much of what we learn to that of what we already know. 

Fran and I are quite curious as to HOW Ecuador stacks up against Costa Rica?  Stay tuned mis amigos for in November we will be bringing you a ton of new videos all related to our Ecuadorian adventure.