Coming Out (to friends)


 Coming out (of the closet) is a term that has been associated to people who have decided to publically reveal a hidden lifestyle.

Well it's time for Fran and I to fess up and finally take that giant step and "come out of that proverbial closet!"

To all of you who immediately thought that this was going to be a salacious article about our private sex lives, you could not be farther from the truth. 

A few of you may know that for the past few years, Franny and I have been conducting "Due Diligence Tours" of the Guanacaste area.  Our goal was simple... provide an informational resource to those seeking a potential expat lifestyle.  We have been quiet about this venture in fear of our our credibility being called into question.  I was under the (false) impression that if we were to advertise our services, those who read our newsletters and viewed our videos would immediately jump to the conclusion that Fran and Andy are nothing more than the "Gringo Whores" they so often condemn. 

We thought about this quite a bit.  We even had offline chats with a few of our past clients.  We wanted to hear their thoughts regarding our "coming out!"   In the end we decided our assumptions were incorrect.  We were not using our Boomers Offshore brand to lure people to Costa Rica and then sell them on moving here.  In fact, it was just the opposite.  As a result of taking our tour several folks began to really question their motives and rationale for wanting to move here.  In the end, some said no and one couple even said HELL NO!

So that's it.  We out and we're proud!  There will be a few people who call us hypocrites and sell outs but (honestly) they are in the minority and their heads seem firmly planted between their ass cheeks! 

We enjoy giving tours.  We enjoy meeting new people and sharing our lives and stories with them.  I just wish such an informational channel was available when we moved here 4+ years ago.  I've saying this since we we moved here... "the minute any of this (Boomers website, making videos or giving tours starts to be a job... that will be the indicator to stop and look for something else to do.  We're done working.  And when a passion becomes work, time to say adios.

By the way, if you have not yet seen our tours website and our small guest B&B, please check it out here.


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