Necessity = Mother Of Invention


The Greek philosopher Plato has been credited with penning the proverb "Necessity is the Mother Of Invention."   And what he meant by that was... when there a need for something, and that need becomes imperative, one is forced to find ways of getting or achieving it.  Such has been the case here in Costa Rica with finding the cleaning aid Febreze.

Fran has looked high and low, having visited almost every store from San Jose to Playa Hermosa and nowhere can Febreze be found.  As most of you know, Febreze is a spray on air freshener and odor eliminator.  It works wonders if you have pets especially if one get's skunked.

Because it is impossible to come by here in Costa Rica, we have relied on our mule train to bring in an occasional bottle.  Well that's the old way of doing it.  Thanks t Facebook and Fran's vast network of friends, someone sent her a recipe that allows you to make your own.  And guess what...  IT WORKS GREAT!

Here is the recipe that will allow you to easily refill A standard 32 ounce spray bottle:


  • 1/8 Cup of Your Favorite Fabric Softener

  • 2 Tablespoons Baking Soda

  • Hot Tap Water (to fill the bottle to the top)

  • Add all the ingredients to the bottle and shake well.  Squirt it on anything that stinks!

For future use, shake before using.


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