What Does The Future Hold For Frandy?

by Andy Browne, HMFIC


Many of you know our story but in case some of you don't, click here and start watching our videos which chronicle our adventures and life in Costa Rica.

From the day we decided to move here, we never said Costa Rica will be the place we will stay for the rest of our lives. 

It is a promise that we were just not comfortable to live with.

We have been in country for just under five years.  Our lives continue to be filled with wonder and excitement, albeit not as intense as when we first arrived.   Everything is changing; sometimes for the good, other times for the not so good.   The bottom line is, we enjoy our life here. 

But the question still remains... "Will Costa Rica be the place we stay until we take our final breath... probably not?" 

Our most recent involvement with lease renewal brought to the surface again the ever nagging problem of WHAT IS OUR PLAN "B"?

The chief reason we moved to Costa Rica was to escape the ridiculously high cost of healthcare in the U.S.    Our insurance premiums alone were setting us back $22,000 a year!  The good news was that our "out of pocket" expense for healthcare in Costa Rica was going to cost us 80% less!  Now couple that with Costa Rica's National Healthcare System (a.k.a. CAJA), we could have full coverage for less than $1000 a year.

But now reality has set in.  The CAJA system is in dire financial straits.  Quality and service is hit or miss.  And while the private healthcare system is pretty good, the emergency medical systems here (where we live) are virtually non-existent.

In late 2015, Fran and I will be eligible for Medicare.  At that time we will re-evaluate our situation.  We will perform the same level of research and due diligence when looking at the U.S. as a possible Plan B strategy as we did we when we looked at Costa Rica. 

As for now, we have a new rental agreement in place which guarantees us a great place to live for the next two years.  At that time, our landlords too will be re-evaluating  their situation.  Timing could not be any more perfect.

The future, as of now is unpredictable.  It might lead us back to the States.  It might not. 

But regardless, we plan on doing a significant due diligence trip sometime this summer. 

The goal... check out beach communities in Florida, rental costs but most importantly, check out the healthcare infrastructure and pricing on various Medicare options.  This should give us a pretty good idea whether or not Florida could be a viable Plan B. 

But in the end, everything would be compared to the quality of life we are now enjoying is the land of the Pura Vida.


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