Ten Month Hiatus Is OVER!

by Andy Browne, HMFIC


It has been TEN long months since our last newsletter.  As to the reason for the dry spell, I'm really not sure.  Perhaps it can be attributed to laziness, complacency or maybe we have been so busy doing nothing, that it just totally escaped me. 

Truth be told, I lost the motivation.  It became a job, something I had to do.  An obligation.  I didn't come here to work!  But now, after taking off for 10 months, Boomers Offshore is back and ready to stir it up in 2014. 


Our goal is simple... we hope to provide good and accurate information to those who are contemplating relocating to another country.  We try to publish information that is generic, regardless of where you may move, but since we are based in Costa Rica... we tend to write more about things for which we have first hand knowledge.

Having and offering opinions, coupled with a no-nonsense attitude, has won us praise from many readers along with scorn and disdain from a few others.  I have always spoken my mind and will continue to do so.

When Fran and I started Boomers Offshore over five years ago, all we wanted (at the time) was to simply chronicle our life moving abroad.  We wanted others, who may be contemplating such a lifestyle change, learn from our mistakes so they would have a better experience.  For the most part, we think we have succeeded.

When we arrived here in 2009, we were filled with "blue sky" hopes.  After five years of "living the life", we are still cautiously optimistic but a hell of a lot more educated.  This and all future newsletters, videos, and social media postings will continue to reflect our cautiously optimistic approach to life.


Living abroad can be an enriching experience.  But it can also be one laced with a lot of doom and gloom.  Generally, those who enter into this experience ill informed or believe all the bullshit one reads about the Pura Vida, generally wind up regretting their decision.

We don't have all the answers.  If we did, we'd be called Realtors!  (Sorry, I could not pass up a sarcastic jab at those who are simply trying to earn a living).  We will make mistakes, little one's I hope. 


Thanks for watching our videos.  Please stay in touch.

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