Remembering The Good  Times

by Fran Browne


We have just come out of the hottest April most Guanacaste residents can remember.  So hot that Andy and I have either been living in the pool or watching old movies in our air conditioned bedroom. 

To be honest, it has been a little depressing.  Plus, we have been so busy planning our upcoming move, it is almost as if we have forgotten why we moved to Playa Hermosa in the first place. 

So it was really great the other day that (either through telepathy or just a desire get back to basics), we grabbed a box of chilled vino blanco from the fridge, two plastic wine glasses and a can of OFF and we headed off to the beach to catch a sunset.  No dogs.  No friends and neighbors.  No drama.  Just me and Andy and another great Hermosa sunset.

When you are young, you never seem to have the time to just kick back and enjoy the beauty of a sunset, but in Costa Rica it is a family event. 

While drinking our wine, we noticed that we were the only gringos hanging out to catch the lightshow.  However, the locals were out in force, some couples as well as loads of families.

As we look back, Andy and I both agree that our best times in Costa Rica was  when we were hanging out with the locals.   They are always so friendly and love to practice their English as we continue to practice our Spanish.  It is a win-win.

With the sun finally below the horizon, the hard facts were obvious, our wine was gone, we were getting quite hungry and both of us had a serious buzz going on; too much of a buzz to drive home and make dinner.  So instead we walked over to a local restaurant at Villa Acacia and wolfed down one of the best shrimp pizzas we have had since landing here.

To our total surprise, the chef came out to chat.  She reminded us that it was two years ago we met (at a different restaurant) where she taught Andy how to make the most incredible garlic and butter white sauce for pasta.

As I look back, I will really miss Playa Hermosa, the local residents and the many fond memories we have.   There will be little difference between the new sunsets we will experience in Florida and the one's we have been taking in for these past 5 years.  But what we will miss most of all are the simpler things, like having an impromptu conversation with a Tico on the beach.

We are not 100% sure if this Florida thing will work out but it won't fail because we didn't try.  Whether or not this move will be our last, no one knows.  So stay tuned... Boomers Offshore are not going away.  We have just move our corporate headquarters. 


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