What's Up With Our Tour Business?


Ever since we made public our decision to return to the U.S., several people have asked us, "what is going to become of your Boomers Offshore Tour Business?" 

The answer is simple... we have shut it down

A few people have inquired about "buying" the business while others are in the process of attempting to start their own business.  For them, I wish them the best of luck.

Now as for your questions... let me be very clear...

  • YES... If you want to operate a relocation tour business in Costa Rica, have at it.  My only requirement you CAN NOT USE the name Boomers Offshore.

  • NO... you CAN NOT borrow, rent or purchase my contact list of our newsletter/video fans or people who have inquired about taking a tour with Boomers Offshore in Costa Rica.  I made a promise to everyone that I would respect and maintain their privacy and anonymity.  I will not violate that confidence.

  • YES... I will be happy to answer basic questions if you are interested in starting a Due Diligence tour business.

  • NO... we will not LIKE your Facebook page nor will we ENDORSE or PROMOTE your website or business unless you have proven you are operating a viable enterprise, dedicated to helping people and that your motivation is not to simply line your pockets with money.

My reason for taking such a hard line stance is simple... we have operated a very good business for the last several years, helping many people through the decisioning process as to whether or not they should totally turn their lives upside down and move to Costa Rica.  We have done so with absolutely no motivation or interest in profiting by them moving here.  In fact, we do not give a rat's ass whether anybody moves here or not.  We just offered honest opinions based on our expat experiences.  Truth be told... we have probably made more enemies than friends as a result of our honest opinions. 


My advice to anyone looking to take a Due Diligence tour is to first do your Due Diligence before engaging a service.

  • AVOID tour operators whose sole motivation is to blow smoke up your ass and tell you how perfect everything is here.  While Costa Rica is a wonderful place to visit, it might not be the place to bet on for the rest of your life. 

  • AVOID the sales pitch... In all likelihood, you are not going to get the straight scoop from most realtors and land developers because of their overwhelming motivation to sell you a geographical piece of Pura Vida.  How do you spell Conflict of Interest?

  • AVOID any tour where you are not permitted to electronically record information about your your.

  • QUESTION the motivation of tour operators who only speak about the negative or only speak of how great everything is.  Life is NOT black and white.  You need to learn about the good, the bad and the ugly where ever you go.

  • VALIDATE the qualifications and experience of any tour operator.  Talk to people who have taken previous tours.  Make sure they have a proven track record for honesty and product delivery.  Don't take a flashy looking website as fact.  Challenge everything.

  • AVOID buying or starting a business in Costa Rica until you know what the hell life is like here and what the business customs are like.  THINK WITH YOUR HEAD AND NOT WITH YOUR HEART!

Costa Rica is a wonderful place to live but it may NOT for everybody.  Our last five years have been an amazing adventure and experience and there has not one second I would trade.  But Fran and I don't go through life with blinders on.  We have a tendency to be skeptical of what we are told.  Thank goodness we have been able to separate the bullshit from the truth.


In preparing this article, Fran and I looked back at all the people with whom we counseled and gave tours.  We were surprised to learn that over twenty couples made the leap.  The vast majority followed our advice and rented first.  A few thought that they new better.  One couple, in spite of our recommendation to NOT move here, did so anyway.  Within the span of just a few months, for all the reasons we stated in our recommendation to them, they decided to return home, and did do several thousand dollars lighter. 

But all in all we have enjoyed doing tours.  We have met wonderful people with whom we have formed indelible bonds.  Boomers Offshore was not established to be a business.  It was only one way for us to help people and to make friends.  I consider that a complete success!

We thank all of those who have taken tours with Boomers Offshore.  In almost every case we made new friends along with a little extra beer money, however in our zeal to tell the truth, we managed to alienate some folks.  That's the way it goes... you can't please everyone.


Thanks for watching our videos.  Please stay in touch.

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