Now What ?!

An Editorial by Andy Browne, Publisher


Having lost our jobs in the great recession of 2008, relocating to Costa Rica marked a new beginning for me and Fran.  For one thousand nine hundred and forty seven days, we made a new life for ourselves, disconnected from the creature comforts and excesses from which we grew accustomed. 

During our time in Costa Rica, we were fortunate to meet many interesting people and experience incredible new opportunities and for that we are eternally grateful.  However, the time has come to close that chapter in our lives and begin a new one.

For the last six years, our life has been an open book.  From the time we decided to chronicle our move offshore until this very day, our commentary on the reality of Costa Rican life has been and continues to be sharply and honestly opinionated.  We tried to hold nothing back, learning very quickly that honesty can be an extremely sharp and double edged sword. And while we garnered the respect and admiration of thousands of readers and video fans, it soon became apparent we have become a thorn in the sides of those who profited by people moving to Costa Rica.

Since we announced our plans to repatriate, many of our readers asked if we plan to continue publishing our newsletters and videos.  My first response was a very simplistic "hell yeah."  Just because we reside on U.S. soil, should not be an impediment in writing about things for which we have current and first hand knowledge.  But then I began to give this a bit more thought.  The real question is "do we have the zeal and desire to continue?"

Several astute readers have pointed out in recent months, my writings seem to have taken on an increasingly negative and critical tone.  I can't disagree, but the real question is why? 

As I began to search for the reasons, I kept looking for that single straw that "broke the camel's back" so to speak.  But as I sit here trying to find that straw, I realize perhaps that there wasn't a single incident but perhaps a compendium of little things that resulted in our final decision to return to the States.  For me, I think I may have lost the pura vida, or more likely, maybe never really even had it.

The driving reason we started producing Boomers Offshore was to provide information to others who may be seeking to change their lives by living in a foreign country.  By sharing our trials, tribulations and adventures, the goal was to provide a source of real information so others can avoid replicating our mistakes.  If we decide to continue producing our videos and newsletters, it is essential that our content remain relevant to those who are seeking to change their lives. 

In the beginning, our intent was to assist those who wanted to make jump to Costa Rica.  By peeling back the pura vida marketing veneer, it was important for us to openly discuss the good, bad or ugly.  Now, given the fact that we have repatriated, this opens up an entirely new can of worms which might benefit from a little scrutiny.

I can say with 100% certainty we will not be writing about how we spend our daily lives.  Who gives a shit whether or not we attended the ballet, an NFL game or ate dinner at a fancy, hoity toity restaurant .  But on the other hand, there are topics which must be discussed such as why people decide to become expats or return home.  For us, one of the chief reasons we returned to the States was our concern regarding the ability of Costa Rica to deliver high quality healthcare on a consistent basis. 

We remain acutely aware of the bullshit and half truths propagated by the travel magazines, television shows and greedy developers and we feel strongly that there needs to be a counter balance to all the propaganda.  So I guess that means we will stick around for awhile and continue to be that annoying thorn in the sides of those who fail to tell the complete story about life in Costa Rica.  Our goal is NOT to denigrate but to promote awareness.

Remember, of you have any questions or if you have stories that you feel would be valuable to to other current and future expats, please feel free to contact us.   Until the next time.




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