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Issue 011


Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Bienvenidos 2011

Welcome back my friends to the website that never ends...

As Fran and I approach our second anniversary, living Pura Vida (as best we can), we want to thank you for participating in helping make our website and our videos recognizable to potential expats around the globe. 

While we have made many new friends these past two two years, we have also stepped on a few (overly tender) toes.  To those people whose toes we did step on...

... if we did it unknowingly or inaccurately, we are very sorry. 

However, since nobody of any substance has come forward, complained or even pointed out any errors...

...we can only assume that we were justified in what we said.

To all our friends and followers, have a great New Year and if you are ever out in the Guanacaste area... give us a jingle!

this month's news...

Andy... no es tranquilo!...

It used to be, back in my past life, back before there was Pura Vida, when almost anything that ran counter to my way of thinking... would just completely piss me off. 

It didn't take much; a little too much traffic, the internet going down, idiot drivers, inefficient processes... it did not matter.  If it ran counter to the way "I" thought it should be, then my emotions would begin to take over.

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Potential Identity Theft Risk at Super Luperon...

I live in Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste.  One of the main supermarkets where Fran and I do our grocery shopping is a market called Super Luperon.  They are a great store, clean, good selection and most importantly, reasonable prices.

But what I don't like about Super Luperon is the risk one takes when using a debit or credit card to pay for groceries.

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New Years Eve in Playas Del Coco...

Can you imaging Mardi Gras in Costa Rica?  Well that's a general description of what NYEPC (New Years Eve in Playa Coco) is supposed to be like.  We've been told by many (age 60+) who have participated in past NYEPC events to "Stay the hell away from Coco", "Everybody is drunk and disgusting", "The streets are too crowded with rowdy Ticos", "Its just not safe!"  On the other hand, when I talk to friends who have not yet entered old fart status, their words to me were "Hell yeah" and "Ya gotta go, at least once."

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Controlling Personal Expenses...

Years ago, in our zeal to shed unwanted pounds, Fran and I joined Weight Watchers.  The key ingredient in making the Weight Watchers system work requires you to write down everything you eat.  This technique is called "journaling."  It works because it forces you to be aware of every morsel of food you consume.  This way you will know why your pants are fitting so snugly around your waist! 

The same holds true for your financial success living in Costa Rica.  In order to know how much it costs to live here, you need to know where every single colone is being spent.  Establishing a budget and tracking your expenses is the key to your financial survival and that's what this article is all about.

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Addicted to Technology - an article by John Holtz

Have You Ever Noticed How Important Internet and cable Television Are To Expats?

Take it away for and length of time, for a day perhaps, and you feel isolated from the real world. That makes Costa Rica a little like Disneyland. A fašade of truly nice things but we have not one idea what is going on behind the scenes. Who makes those $8.00 hamburgers anyway? - Today is one of those days.

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Undreamed Dreams - an article by George Lundquist

I just watched the video from Eric Liljenstolpe on We Love CR, on why people leave CR. He mentions he has consulted with thousands of people and concludes that being unprepared for the large cultural difference is why folks choose to move back. That is certainly a large database and made me wonder why my experience here is quite different.  He must be encountering a different demographic than the typical folks who have taken my tour and chosen to try living here in Costa Rica.

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new videos...

PLAY Chapter 70: Feliz Navidad Escuela de Sardinal
PLAY Chapter 71: The Aftermath of the Pekin Star
PLAY Chapter 72: A Dental Mishap

andy's recipe of the month...

Shepherd's Pie...

... is a wonderful meal you can make in advance, freeze and have it available whenever you so desire.  It blends the richness of fresh ground lamb and vegetables with a thick covering of mashed potatoes.

This recipe attempts to reduce fats so as to create a slightly healthier meal.  However, because it tastes so damn good, the three or four portions you wind up eating will negate any healthy benefits I've put into the recipe.


what's on tap for next month...

Fran is on hiatus this month tending to the flock but promises a new article for the next issue.  Keep an eye out for her facilitating report on Costa Rican Mammograms.  


This newsletter is a monthly publication from your friends at Boomers Offshore.  It's just our way of trying to stay in touch and to encourage on-going communications between family, friends or anybody interested in our lives in Costa Rica.