Before moving to Costa Rica...

do your homework!

Welcome to the Guanacaste Due Diligence Tour

Developed by Boomers Offshore.


Did you know, 50% of all those moving to Costa Rica return home within their first two years?


There reasons are many:

  • Miss friends & family

  • Hate the lousy roads!

  • Nobody speaks English

  • The weather is too... hot, cold, rainy, arid, windy, foggy

  • Can't trust realtors

  • It costs too much to live here

  • Ticos hate gringos

  • Too much crime

  • Yada yada yada!

While there are many reasons people move back home, the root cause can be easily traced back to incomplete due diligence.  More than 50% of those who moved to Costa Rica will return home within the first two years.  And many of those returning have never taken any sort of relocation or informational tour of Costa Rica.

When people do the proper research and due diligence, the return rate drops to 10% or less.  So what does that mean to you...


Whatever the reason, most people return home because they FAILED to do the proper research when deciding to move here.  Most of those who did move here...

  • Fell into love (lust) with a country they knew little about

  • Bought property because they thought it was a great investment

  • Made decisions based on emotions - not fact!

  • Listened to sales people and wanted to believe their "half-truths" or in some cases bald-faced lies!

Don't you make the same mistake.  Come to Costa Rica with your eyes wide open! 

Question everything.


If you take away anything from this website,

embrace this one statement... 

"It is very easy to buy property in Costa Rica - but it is extremely difficult to sell it!"

And that's especially true in today's economy!

We offer a fully personalized tour for a single individual or a couple who is seriously thinking about a possible move to the Guanacaste province of Costa Rica. 

Our tours are customized to meet your requirements.  We provide information that will help you make the best decision regarding your pending expatriation. 

In order for us to accomplish this we MUST be impartial.

  • We DO NOT work in the real estate, land development or tourism industry

  • We ARE NOT affiliated with any local businesses

  • We DO NOT derive income by steering tour guests to any local business.

Our focus is to introduce you to the area in which we live, answer your questions with complete honesty and to the best of our ability.  We are not here to sell you on Costa Rica.  In fact, if you decide not to move here, then we feel we have accomplished our job.  We are trying to provide you the answers to many of the same questions we were asking when we were contemplating moving here.

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